Here's a sample of what some of our patients have said:


My problems began one morning in March when I woke up and was unable to open my jaw.  I panicked and forced it open, causing it to dislocate.  A few days later I was in a great deal of pain, I was unable to close my jaw properly and could only eat soft food.  I have had jaw issues in the past but never to this extent and as a result, never sought medical treatment.  I went to my family doctor and was told to take advil.  I went to the dentist and was fitting for a new mouth guard and told there was nothing else they could do.  I was also going for massage at the time and my massage therapist suggested I see a chiropractor.  I went to see Dr. Mark and he identified the problem immediately and identified for me how he could treat it.  I began to feel relief almost immediately.  I was very pleased with the professional service of Dr. Mark and the result.  I now see Dr. Mark on a monthly basis to keep things in check and my jaw has never felt better!


I came to see Lindsay on the suggestion of my daughter.  I had been suffering from frozen shoulder for many months and was in extreme pain.  I had been taking pain medication and even received a cortisone shot in the hopes of gaining some relief.  After a few sessions with Lindsay, I started to regain some movement in my arms and was able to reduce my pain medication.  I continued to see Lindsay several times a week and she was very helpful with instructing me on home care exercises which definitely improved my mobility.  I am feeling much better now and would like to thank Lindsay not only for her professional knowledge but also for her truly kind and caring manner.


Have you ever experienced the gradual loss of the control of your legs? Recently and during a period of time that my family doctor was away on an extended vacation, this is exactly what happened to me.

Processed through the emergency departments of two hospitals, divergent diagnoses were produced (the first referral was to a urologist, the second, to an orthopedic surgeon, specializing in the lower back). Following the instruction to "return to emergency if things got worse", an appointment was first booked with Dr. Sweazey, my long term Chiropractor.  Expressing my lack of confidence in the previous diagnoses, he completed a through examination of my body.  He then advised that I consult with a neurologist.  When told that my source of referral was on vacation, he then provided the strategy and supporting notes that effected my admittance to Hospital that same evening.

Properly diagnosed with Guillian-Barre syndrome, and treated; five days later I was released. Thankfully, recovery is in the foreseeable future.

This experience was indeed an eye-opener!. The lesson.....that health specialists, who do not cooperate and coordinate their efforts must be pressured to do so, for the benefit of the patient.
Time is the essence of effective treatment.

John Lester

I injure myself at an alarming rate, so I have lots of experience with physiotherapists and chiropractors. In the past 11 years I have been treated by four chiropractors and seven physiotherapists, getting care for chronic back pain, a stiff and sore neck, rotator cuff injuries and multiple muscle strains. Lindsay Clement is by far the best, and the most personable, chiropractor I have worked with and she is more effective at curing soft tissue injuries than any physiotherapist that has treated me. After six visits, years of neck pain became a thing of the past. With Lindsay’s hands-on treatment and follow-up exercises, my recovery time from sports injuries has shortened dramatically. I also get expert advice on how to avoid injuries while training. And as an added bonus, Lindsay’s diversified skill set allows me to save time and money. One-stop shopping at its best!


One thing we forget to do as patients is stop to thank those that care for us.  And you definitely put the care in health care.  I can tell every time you enter the room each week that you genuinely care for my well being.

So, thank you, Dr. Lindsay.  I have made some great gains since entering into your treatment and am feeling very close to fully healed since my canoe took me out of commission earlier this year – don’t worry, I still love my canoe. ;)


As a youth I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I started seeing chiropractors at a young age and continued through my young adulthood. I came to Dr. Sweazey in February of 2012 during a personal search for a permanent chiropractor that can understand and assist me with this health issue. Dr. Sweazey was quick to accept me and also understood my situation better than I did and he did very well at explaining my issue to me on a level that I could understand. He listens, remembers and understands his patients like no other chiropractor I have come across. Dr. Sweazey also has a personality that is genuine and caring. He recognized me outside of the office one day and took the time to ask me how I was and spoke to me about my health for a moment, later that day when I saw him at my appointment it was like our conversation didn't end. He retained what I had said to him and brought that to our appointment.

Since seeing Dr. Sweazey on a regular basis, I have my movement back, but more importantly I know what I need to do to keep that movement. I can keep up with my son and play on the ground again with him and this means the world to me. If I ever have a question or concern Dr. Sweazey is there to understand the question and answer it on a level that connects with me.

Dr. Sweazey has helped me notice something and that is that Scoliosis is something that I live with and work with, it is not something that defines me.


My massage therapist recommended chiropractic care after having a car accident in 1998, specifically to Dr. Sweazey at Gloucester Centre. Within the first month I noticed more mobility in my neck. Soon after this I became pregnant with my second child. I received chiropractic and massage therapy care throughout the pregnancy. In my 7th month I had a really bad sinus infection; my obstetrician could not give me anything! I mentioned this to Dr. Sweazey who did some sinus trigger points, this was very painful, but by the time I got to the parking lot my nose was running. I felt such great relief!

When I delivered Isabelle she had a dislocated shoulder. Isabelle cried for the first 4 days. We assumed it was due to the lack of bowel movements. Again I consulted with Dr. Sweazey, he adjusted her shoulder and low back. Within an hour she filled her diaper!!!! She was so much happier, I completely trusted Dr. Sweazey to do adjustments on my 4 day old.

Thank you Dr. Mark Sweazey and Staff, for all the support.


When Isabelle turned 5 she was often sick, complaining of a sore stomach. Some days she would have a fever, others it would be gone.  Numerous trips to our GP would indicate she had a bladder infection and was suffering with an iron deficiency, she then began walking strangely. They x-rayed her leg which seemed normal. We spent the next 6 months going back and forth, I was fed up and once again called on Dr. Sweazey for a second opinion.  During his examination he said something was pushing against her spine. On the spot he x-rayed her within minutes he came out with a sealed brown envelope. He advised us to go straight to CHEO emergency and not leave until a Doctor had viewed the x-rays! We were there for 12 hours! The diagnosis was stage 4 neuroblastoma.  My 6 year old had terminal cancer. We were then put through an aggressive course of treatment immediately, chemotherapy, surgery and stem cell transplant, acutane treatment, experimental treatment. After 286 nights of sleeping at the hospital, where she was subjected to number of tests, transfusions, poked and prodded, they healed my little girl.  She is a hero, she beat cancer. Oct 2011 we went for our 5 year tests. Isabelle is celebrating 5 years cancer free! We have a beautiful healthy 12 year old!

Through this whole ordeal Dr. Sweazey and Carole would call and check up on our family.

Dr. Mark and Carole we thank you for all the support and excellent care you have provided to me and my family through the difficult times!


I began seeing Dr. Mark Sweazey in September, a few months after fracturing 3 ribs in a bicycle accident. One day in August, I woke up with my neck muscles in spasm. I couldn't move my head up and down or side to side. Initially I thought I had just slep funny and that it would get better in a couple of days. When it didn't, I wondered if it was the stress from my accident, as I had favoured one side of my body during recovery. I was in quite a bit of pain and day to day life was difficult, so I decided to see my family doctor. She prescribed muscle relaxants and recommended massage therapy. While massage helped a bit and made me feel more relaxed, I still felt like I was not in good shape. Then I was referred to Dr. Sweazey. I have always been a bit hesitant to see a chiropractor, as the idea of someone "cracking" my neck made me feel uncomfortable, but I was desperate to be better. I now know that my apprehension was unnecessary.

Dr. Sweazey, after doing a thorough examination of my spine, explained that I had had a secondary injury to my neck in my accident that had probably been masked by pain medication for the ribs. He showed me my x-ray and I could see very clearly that my neck was not in alignment. After a detailed discussion Dr. Sweazey adjusted my neck. The result was miraculous. The pain was instantly reduced, and by the next day I almost had complete mobility back in my neck. I am so pleased that I took the path I did. Dr Sweazey is professional, friendly and informative, and he instantly made me feel comfortable. I would tell anybody with neck or back pain to give chiropractic a try. It has helped me tremendously.


Lindsay has been a great help to my family. She successfully treated my back which had been sore for several years. While I occasionally have minor recurring discomfort, the stretches and exercises she gave me continue to help my back at those times. Lindsay also helped my mother who was experiencing significant knee pain. My mother is never a fan of visiting any health professional, but she was eager to attend each visit with Lindsay because of the constant improvement she was seeing. Thanks for all your help!


I went to see Dr. Lindsay in June 2010 with regards to a lower back problem sustained while playing soccer.  Being a competitive soccer player [Ottawa Internationals Men’s Soccer Premier] and faced with the prospect of missing the entire season was very difficult to accept.  As a last ditch effort to save my soccer season, I consulted with Dr. Lindsay.  I was bit skeptical about seeing a Chiropractor.  However, with few treatment sessions, I started to get better and I was back at my full strength before the season was over. I was very impressed with her level of expertise and knowledge.  I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Lindsay to my family, friends and fellow soccer players.  As long as Dr. Lindsay is around I will still be in the game.  
Thank You Dr. Lindsay.


My name is Jenny and I am a Muay Thai Kickboxing junkie.  I will freely admit that I have a problem…I just can’t stop training!  Due to my rigorous training schedule, I require repair for both repetitious biomechanical issues (such as postural adjustment & muscular rebalancing) as well as acute injuries due to sparring like a maniac.  The first time I went to see Dr. Lindsay (Clement), I had sustained an injury while sparring in preparation for the Arnold’s Muay Thai tournament. …

I didn’t really have many preconceived notions with regards to chiropractic care.  I’d heard the good and the bad and assumed that both kinds of practitioners existed.  I had met Dr. Lindsay after having her take my BodyFLOW class and found her to be friendly and engaging.  So, I put my trust in her.  …  She took lots of time explaining the form, the risks and made sure I was comfortable before continuing with the adjustment.  I found this to be both professional as well as patient on her part and appreciated the time spent.

Then came the actual adjustment…it felt great!  I was sore, but could breathe!!!  I went back to training but went to see Dr. Lindsay every other day for several weeks until she fixed me (for the time being).  I fought in the Arnolds and placed 2nd in my weight class…an experience I will never forget and would never have been able to have were it not for Dr. Lindsay.

Since that time, I have been back to see Dr. Lindsay for various complaints (all self-inflicted, I assure you) and have sent many of my clients her way for treatment.  They have all experienced relief and have come to love her professional manner and friendly, gracious personality as I, myself, do.  Additionally (and most importantly), I have always had great results from the treatment she has provided to me.

Thank you Dr. Lindsay, for keeping me in the fight!!!


The Graston Technique has worked wonders for me.  As a dental assistant I work with my hands all day and because of that I have started to see signs of carpal tunnel.  I had been seeing Dr. Clement for about three months before I asked her if there was anything she could do to help.  She introduced me to the Graston Technique telling me everything I had to know about the technique.  Being in the constant pain I was in I decided to try it.  I have done about 8 treatments and it has taken most of the pain away.  I still get some pain and numbness in my fingers but the severity of pain has gone down enough to manage without any medication.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone whom is in constant pain and is sick of taking medication for pain.


While building a shed with my son I sustained a back injury. I had difficulty walking and was in constant pain. My physician prescribed pain killers and sent me for physiotherapy and acupuncture. Six months later I found I was getting worse and I had to stop these services. After a year or so of just doing nothing I seemed to improve a bit but I was still having problems with my left leg and had back pain that was somewhat controlled with Tylenol.

One day I was walking in St-Laurent Shopping Mall and I met Dr. Mark Sweazey who at the time was giving information about back care. Although I was very skeptic of Chiropractic care Mark convinced me to give him a try. After my first visit I noticed that my walking had improved. Over a period of time Mark has been able to make adjustments to my back and most of my pain and leg problems were gone. Since then I visit Mark on an ongoing basis for adjustments and for any other related injuries.

Mark I just want to thank you for the excellent care I received and I definitely recommend your services to friends.


I have had lower back pain for 15 years but within the last two years I had a major injury and decided to come and see Dr. Mark. My lower back pain prevented me from sitting for extended periods. It had affected my work, my physical activity, my time with my kids, and my everyday living.

Prior to being treated by Dr. Mark, I had physiotherapy treatments of which I did a lot of stretching and exercising. I originally associated chiropractic with back cracking and did not like the idea of my bones being cracked. I was scared of becoming more injured as a result of treatment. I had not gained any improvements with physiotherapy and after a friend had referred me I gave chiropractic care a second thought.

I started seeing Dr. Mark in October and noticed significant improvements in lower back pain right away. Currently I have no more lower back pain and my mobility has increased. This has allowed me to return back to my normal everyday living and start exercising again as part of my healthy life style. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mark to others, even to those who are hesitant.


I had a lot of back, shoulder and neck pain initially. It had affected my life in that it limited my mobility, decreased my eagerness to go about my daily activities, and restricted my quality of living.

Before coming to see a chiropractor, I had hesitations both about the financial aspect and cost of care, and more importantly, I wasn’t sure if it was going to help. At the time when I started coming, medical doctors weren’t advertising chiropractic care as an alternative option for treatment and as a result I had tried many different pain medications in attempt to manage my pain.

Since coming to see Dr. Mark the results are that the pain is gone as long as I continue my care by coming once a week. Once I stop coming the pain comes back but now I am able to go to the gym and have more energy at work. I am not restricted in my movements from the pain. I have recommended many people to Dr. Mark since coming here and I have helped them by dispelling the typical misnomers that have been floating around about chiropractic care inhibiting them from experiencing it first-hand.


I am very pleased to find an efficient chiropractor equivalent to my past chiropractor who was my guardian angel. I have had lots of relief, feel very light, and comfortable. I see 100% confidence in his work. May God bless him. I 100% recommend him to the newcomers.


I had a very bad accident at work where I slipped and fell on a wet floor. Everything on the left side of my body hurt including my back leg, arm, and wrist. I also had a badly bruised and swollen leg. This limited the number of activities that I could do and made working especially hard.

Before coming to see Dr. Mark, I went and saw my family doctor who prescribed Tylenol and ice to manage the pain and bruising. After a month of suffering I had decided to go and see him after hearing about his work through my husband’s colleagues. He thoroughly assessed my condition and after being treated I noticed a huge improvement in my pain levels. I really like Dr. Mark because he is efficient and his treatments work right away. He also fits right into my busy work schedule as I don’t like taking time away from work.


I had a lot of shoulder pain before coming to see Dr. Mark. I could hardly lift my arms and had trouble trying to lift a cup of coffee. I had been living with this condition for two months before seeking chiropractic care and had tried relieving my pain with many different pain killers like Tylenol.

Dr. Mark has helped relieved my pain significantly and since then I have been able to participate in aquafit classes as a result. He has also helped me with hip pain that I had developed and was able to relieve that through a variety of treatments. Dr. Mark is nice and gentle with people. He is also very understanding and I appreciate his kindness very much.


In January of 1996 I was in an auto accident and received what I thought was a mild whiplash injury. I was examined by my physician and was told I only had soft tissue damage and massage therapy should relieve any discomfort. The therapy helped and I discontinued treatment.

Almost two years later, I started experiencing chronic pain which was isolated to only one side of my head. The pain gradually became worse. It was not relieved with over the counter pain killers or codeine. I was in so much pain, I was having a hard time living a normal life. The only relief I had was while I was asleep. I soon became very depressed. I stopped participating in our regular family outings and activities and missed time at work. I did see a neurologist, who suggested I might be suffering from migraines.

After two months of constant pain, I decided to see a chiropractor. X-rays were taken and clearly showed two vertebrae in my neck were not in proper alignment. The doctor explained to me that this was the result of the auto accident I had two years earlier. A nerve from my neck was also affected and this was causing the constant pain on the side of my head. I started having chiropractic adjustments that week. After approximately four weeks I noticed the pain had greatly decreased. Within two months I was totally pain free. My depression lifted and my quality of life had greatly improved.

Not only did chiropractic help with my pain, my doctor has also taken the time to do research and assist with any other health concerns. I have learned to live a healthier lifestyle. One year later I am still living pain free.

L. Sterling

I'll take small miracles no matter how they happen.

While being treated by Dr. Sweazey for back and leg problems I mentioned that I was suffering from a migraine. To my utter amazement, he was able to alleviate the pain of a headache which would normally last for four days no matter how much prescription medication I took.

No more debilitating headaches!



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