Having Happy Feet Is A Step To A Happy Body

photo of relaxing feetNote: class has been postponed.

Please contact the clinic for more information: 613-742-0990 or email

Do your feet, knees or back hurt?

Feet with poor biomechanics is going to lead to tired muscles, joints and inflammation.  Correcting the foot biomechanics is not only needed to put a bounce back in your step, but to also save you from some serious degenerative problems.  Getting an assessment with pressure mat computer imaging combined with a mold of the foot is a thorough way of developing your custom orthotic to correct faulty foot mechanics.

An analogy can be made between orthotics and eyeglasses both devices adjust problems that can impair physical function.

Dr. Mark Sweazey will be presenting an enlightening seminar on how to have healthy feet and what that can do for your body.

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