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Sep 2, 2011

5 Points For Health

What we find out as we gain experience of life is the importance of good health. Many studies have shown that health is consistently one of a person's highest concerns which is no surprise given how it affects our survival time frame. What is surprising is how people let heath fall down their priority list when they get caught up in the fast pace of our society that promotes consumerism and instant gratification. We must remember that following an action plan to maintain health will allow us to feel better about ourselves without some of the excesses that tend to be idolized. A true definition of health I want to point out is the state of health more than just not being sick, but to have the whole body to be functioning at 100%.

Here are 5 important factors of health that I think everyone should pay heed to if they desire to have success in staying healthy.

1. Proper Sleep- Going to bed at a repeatable time and getting 6-8 hours of sleep allows the body to recover from the previous day's mental, physical and emotional stress. Without the proper rest for the recovery process of the body will lead to decreased funciton on the three levels of Mental, Emotional and Physical function.

2. Good Nutrition- It is important that the body receives the proper building blocks of amino acids (proteins), essential fatty acids (good fats) and glucose chains (complex carbohydrates) to notonly repair broken down tissues from stress such as exercise, but to also allow our brain, nervous system and hormones to work on a continuing basis. People seem to forget if they have fries or a donut instead of a good source of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, the body will suffer decreased function and energy for the brain, muscles and organs. In the long term this leads to loss of cognitive abilities, joint and muscle degradation and slower metabolism.

3. Good Body Function- To this I refer again to the 100% function definition of health. If a person is stiff and unable to be easily mobile in bending in any direction they are not only missing out on their full potential but also at risk of injury. If there is a restriction of a certain muscle or joint which can be found and corrected with the proper treatment than why would that person not want to achieve that level of health. Finding a proper health care provider who looks at correcting the whole functioning of the body is important for a health action plan to allow a person to achieve optimal health.

4. Good Exercise- Once a body is able to function properly at a certain challenge without difficulty it should be pushed to a higher level of difficulty to exercise the body for improvement. This increased intensity should be done on a periodic basis of 1-2 times per week to release endorphins that not only make you feel better, but also decrease inflammation. This level of exercise pushes anaerobic thresholds (without oxygen power) which improves power, coordination and neurological firing of the muscles and the brain so that the body is more alert to be ready to give optimal function. The lower levels of exercise that are done for longer periods improve the heart funciton and energy burning systems. This endurance training should be done at least 2 times per week, but 4-5 is better. This will help relieve stress that builds up in the body. Finding a trainer, team or training partner will give you motivation and help to have a successful exercising lifestyle.

5. Mental Health- The health of the mind and the spirit are important to keep ourselves from releasing too much cortisol and other stress hormones which is unhealthy for the body. If a person stays anxious for long periods than the continual release of stress hormones will cause a depletion of energy, possible hypertension and ulcers as well as an increased risk of autoimmune disorders. So it is important in finding peace with ourselves and allowing serenity to be a regular state we strive for. This can be helped through different methods, but prayer, meditation and exercise are some of the most common people use and should be given a try. I also like to refer to the book "Tuesdays With Morrie" where Morrie speaks of acknowledging a feeling like fear or sadness then accepting it and then choosing to live the way we want to live, which was for Morrie to treasure with love each of his relationships.

Well those are the points for good health I thought were important to share. I hope you can use them to implemnent a health action plan that allows you to reach your full potential.

Live life to the fullest,

Dr. Mark

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