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Nov 17, 2010

Drawing Inspiration From Others

I had a goose pimple, hairs standing up excited moment seeing a young soccer player I coach practice a simple drill with such intensity you would think he was competing for a gold medal at the Olympics. I pointed him out to the other coach that he was pushing himself to get better even though it seemed he had already mastered stiking then receivning the ball off the wall. Now I know that sounds like such an unexciting type of activity to draw inspiration from, but this boy was not just passing the ball softly against the wall and waiting to easily collect the pass back. No far from it! He was taking the hard route of putting all of his energy into blasting the ball with a shot that many a keeper would shudder and he was then running forward to receive that ball to increase the difficulty. I tell you it was like the movie Chariots of Fire when you get a tingle from seeing the power of the human spirit and feel inspired to go give your next challenge 110%. It only seemed appropriate to have the other players stop and watch this player's intensity & passion during an end of practice drill.

I am not sure this is any less common now than it used to be or if my perspective is skewed coming from a family of seven highly competitive siblings. Quite frankly that is probably the case considering my parents and an 80 year old mother who still slides into base when competing in her baseball games. I believe this level of passion & intensity is really the reward in itself, and the end result of winning is secondary, whether it is sports or life. By giving your hardest you often forget what the score is and just fly high with energy & exhilaration. So if you want to enjoy more of life with less stress, don't focus on the score or the paycheque as much as enjoying getting the most out of yourself and being content with it. Who knows you might even inspire someone to do the same.

Go Live Your Adventure,

Mark S.

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