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Dec 11, 2010

Why It's Necessary to Give Back

Having community based events are an important part to develop and maintain a fabric of our society, this all the more so in a society racing through life with fewer attachments people have with their neighbours. So although it required my time, energy and headspace of always thinking of what else needed to be done, organizing a Snowsuit Fundraiser & Christmas Festivities event that took place last Saturday was worth it. The act of being involved in something that will benefit those who are in need has been said to be as great a gift for the giver as it is the receiver. A quote on altruism by Bernard Meltzer "There is no better exercise for your heart, than reaching down and helping lift someone up." I believe it is necessary to exercise our hearts regularly so as to develop communities that keep working towards improving their social fuctionality. Humans are a social animal and if we lose to many people in a community from that social interaction and development that community could be considered nonfunctioning. So if people feel they are playing a role to help others in their community and the receivers of that charity functioning better because of what they receive, we have just added two functioning social units to that community.

Well that is a whole of my mumbo jumbo to say that I saw people helping out this past Saturday who seemed very happy to be doing that role. I saw the energy & excitement of someone preparing a music show that it was obvious his spirit was lifted a few octaves. There were kids helping out and feeling that they were part of an event that was providing a community bonding as well collecting resources that would help those less fortunate, that is a lesson that would be hard to teach in a class room.

So we should remember to not shy away of helping out in a community event or local fundraiser as it not only benefits those who are receiving, but also those who are giving are exercising our hearts.


Go live your adventure,

Mark S.

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