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Dec 21, 2010

5 Tips To Stay Healthy Over Holidays

Many people wonder about how to stay healthy during holidays when it is common for people to get the flu or a cold. There are usually a few compounding factors that make it more difficult for your body to stay healthy when entering holidays and I will address five of these factors here in this blog.

1. Be careful of overeating but have a plan if you do.

During holidays you are usually a lot closer to a kitchen or areas where there is snack food around and you usually have more time to eat that food throughout the day. Try drinking water or having a fruit or vegetable when you walk by of the goody tray. If you eat too much at a meal try to reduce the calories of the next meal or two and look to have something healthy your digestive system would appreciate. I find pushing the next meal back and instead having a nutrient rich juice like Cleanse 4 Life is a good way to rebalance my gut. There is alot of healing nutrients from aloe vera and alfalfa in this juice to help the intestinal tissues. This can help bring the acidity in your system down and decrease the full body lethargy that can follow overeating.

2. Probiotic bacteria supplement

I cannot emphasize this enough for everyone to take beneficial bacteria supplements like Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifidobacterium lactis to help keep the immune system functioning well. The normal flora of our bodies is insulted and decreased by many factors such as stress, drugs/antibiotics, sugars and poor digestion & nutrition. If your dessert & alcohol intake go up during holidays then the good biotics in your body will be less able to combat any viruses, bacteria or molds. This is when you should give a boost of good biotics to your system to give your body a better defense to an attack of something that could cause you to not feel well.

3. Exercise through the holidays

Our schedules usually get busier just before holidays which can mean a decrease in exercise time, so it takes some discipline to stay fit. You can use the time off to add some exercise to your days off. Some people do better with 30min. per day and others would prefer longer sessions 3-4 times during the week. Try and get some exercise that raises your heart rate into zone 1 or 2 more than once or twice during your holidays and you will help your immune system function better.

4. Do an activity that makes you laugh or smile

Laughing & smiling has shown to be beneficial to heeling sick people and keeping healthy people healthy. The activity could be part of your exercise, doing art, playing a game with the family, or singing some songs for good cheer; find what works for you and put your mind and spirit into enjoying it.

5. Sleep & ground yourself

Getting enough sleep is important for immune system function that can be ascertained with naps if the evening was long from visiting. Taking time to connect with your spirit and being comfortable with yourself is more important than a lot of people think. We race around so much the human spirit can be ignored and often tried to replace with material things. I find some time to reflect and be thankful helps me stay grounded and at peace. Find your method of peace during the holidays and try to carry that into your post-holiday life.

Live Your Adventure to the Fullest,

Mark S.

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