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Dec 3, 2010

Let Your Spirit Out of the Bottle & Enjoy the Moment

Wondering how to get your spirits up? You ever wonder what happened to that energy you had as a child, carefree & gungho? Well humans have been said to always have a wandering mind of thinking about what they could be doing or what they did do and often not living the moment. We get so busy of what different jobs need to get done and where we need to get to next, we miss the opportunity to experience the present moment. There is energy in those moments that can recharge your batteries, but they require your effort and energy to experience it. Funny that it requires energy to get back more energy, but I believe that's the way it works with relationships, work, sports and any life experience.

I played soccer last night and although we didn't have many players for a game, we made the most of what we had and there were smiles to go aroung and stories to share after. I came away feeling like a child with more energy and more bounce in my step than before I played. Tonight I am looking foward to dancing at a Christmas party and cutting loose to enjoy the beats & rhythms in the music. It is another chance to let my spirit out of the bottle to dance around & feel why life can be truly great. We all need to find the ways we can let our spirit out of it's bottle and recharge ourselves to feel really awake & alive. I encourage you to find yours and live the moment and I bet you will have a smile on your face at some point and feel the joy of a childlike spirit.

Live the Adventure of Life,
Dr. Mark

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