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Jul 20, 2012

The Adventures of Travel & the Questions of Where Society Is Heading

Travelling & seeing new places is usually an invigorating experience for our senses and spirit that allows us to see how other civilizations lived & how their societies functioned. My family & I certainly enjoyed our adventures of travelling in Peru that we just returned from, but we also came home appreciating what we have here in Ottawa, Canada. Our wonderful backyards, gardens, trees & abundant fresh water to drink were really like snuggling up to a long forgotten teddy bear when we got home. But after hearing of 5 miners being killed in Peru while we were there over rights & land issues I am also left asking some questions about how are society is treating our lands and what will we be leaving for future generations to see.

Visiting areas around Cusco & Machupicchu we saw some amazing archeology sites of Inca & Pre-columbian civilizations that show a real expression of culture living with the earth and sophisticated architecture that really fascinated us. It made me think that there has always been some degree of importance for a society to respect our earth and not merely scrape the earth for all its resources & usurp the beauty it beholds for future generations. This importance varies from one culture to another as well as one person to another and I think it becomes more evident as a culture ages just as a person who does not respect their body & spirit shows the effects greater as they age.  In my profession is it not hard to know how a person has valued the joints, muscles and spine when they come to me with a problem of significant postural distortion with degenerative changes. This to me is similar to building a city, mine, oil sands and using them for immediate gains without addressing the questions of how will it look and affect the earth in the long term. I ask the question is it alright to clear a beautiful forest or fill a serene lake or river up with tailings all in the pursuit of profits and lifestyle? What legacy will that leave in 100 or 200 years or longer?

I would ask that we do not forget that this earth we live in is a beautiful life-sustaining system that has the ability to nourish our bodies and mind fully & not a fast food meal that we are to ingest as quickly as possible to speed us on to our next diversion. The latter approach will inevitably end with some indigestion and a system that becomes more unhealthy with this continued lifestyle.

So as Spock would say "Live Long & Prosper" but I would like to add "Live in harmony with this prosperous earth",

Dr. Mark

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