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May 31, 2012

Sitting Will Be The End Of You

Do you sit and drive a desk all day and your worried about your health deteriorating? Do you sit and watch TV every night? Well prolonged sitting is showing in more & more studies to damaging to health. As a chiropractor I could expound upon the effects prolonged seating have on the body from a functional biomechanical point such as: Shortened hamstrings & hip flexors, weakened Gluteal and core stabilizer muscles of the torso & spine, spinal postural curve changes, hypertonic upper trapezius and posterior cervical muscles. These are things that lead to problems that take proper treatment regimes to work at correcting. As a chiropractor I have found the way we look at the whole picture of a patient's health helps to treat all the different levels that hve become less than ideal. When I say less than ideal that would be less than 100% function of the body which in abiding by the Webster's Dictionary definition would mean a loss of health or sickness. So purely from a biomedical perspective sitting too long causes sickness.

Well now there is mounting statistics showing that prolonged causes sickness that lead to mortality. The study published in the journal "Circulation" by the American Heart Association that indicated that people who watched at least 4 hours of TV per day were 80% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than people who watched less than 2 hours per day should sound off the alarm bell as to how we approach health care for our society. Should there be  a heavy emphasis by Health Canada to educate people about decreasing sitting times at computer stations and on couches in front of TVs, you betcha! What about promoting standing work stations and treadmill work stations, sitting on gymball work stations with frequent breaks to reintroduce upright posture.

Some of these ideas may sound unreasonable, but there are people who have set up to work at treadmill or exercise bike stations and have found great health benefits. Eventually I hope technology makes a progression of not needing keyboarding and fixed monitors that place a lot of people on their derrieres for most of their working lives, until that time we have to keep moving toward healthier solutions of the work station & post work activities at home.

I encourage you to explore new ways of approaching your work station that may prolong your health and not let sitting be the end of you.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Mark

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