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Jan 31, 2012

Cross Country Ski For the Heart & Soul

I just got in from a great evening cross country ski here in the Hamlet forests & fields after the fresh couple of inches of snow we got and I have to say it felt great. There was no wind to speak of the snow was feathery light and the temperature was perfect. Cross country skiing is a great way to get a cardio work-out, increase mobility of lower & upper body and clear your mind & soul with the fresh air.

It is said that anyone who can walk can cross country ski. Well it certainly doesn't cause any pounding on the knee or ankle joints and the repeated cadence of the stride combined with a good stretching routine is a good way to combat the tightness of the hip flexors/psoas and hamstring muscles that builds up with a chronic sitting posture. In fact this is an excellent way to help with tightness in the low back, as long as the joints of the spine & pelvis are functioning properly. A common cause of low back tightness & aching is when the psoas and/or hamstring muscles become chronically tightened from sitting. The great thing about cross country skiing is the lack of compressive forces on the knee or spinal joints during the exercise unlike many other types of exercises.

When you can incorporate heading into the bush or field during an exercise I think it allows a primordial serenity to be experience which I cannot emphasize enough as something that is needed to maintain a wholistic healthy body. I enjoy much the same on a long non-technical bike ride or canoeing. Don't get me wrong I enjoy my fast paced exercises too such as hockey, soccer & mountain biking, but it is important to half this exercise experiences that ground us as a animal with a soul that is not just existing but enjoying what we have here on this planet.

So if you get an evening, afternoon or morning where you have the time to exercise and you want to change it up from the gym work-out to something that adds a little refresher for the mind and soul, try going for a cross country ski.

Freshen up your life,

Dr. Mark

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